Jane and John's Ranch - live webcams

The current date and time at the ranch is: 09/25/17 20:41:56 CDT

View out the front of the house    View of the water troughs and hay

      New Toshiba webcam for the deck                   Cam overlooking water tanks & hay


    Buckaroo's pen    Buckaroo's pen

    Buckaroo's pen - webcam is down                   Buckaroo's pen - refreshed every minute


    Looking to the NW from the pumphouse

    Looking to the NW from the eve of the
    pump house



Uploaded Still Picture Upload Frequency Last Upload Time Since Upload
Front of the house every two minutes 09/25/17 20:23:09 CDT 18.8 min
Animal troughs infrequent 09/22/17 21:16:57 CDT 3.0 days
Buck's stall every one minute 09/24/17 13:52:13 CDT 30.8 hr
Buck's pen --cam is down-- 09/22/17 21:16:57 CDT 3.0 days
Pumphouse every 60 minutes 09/24/17 13:00:03 CDT 31.7 hr